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2014 - 2017Master Informatik at TU München
2014 - 2015Studying abroad in the HUSTEP at Hokkaido Daigaku
2011 - 2014Bachelor Informatik at TU München

Student affiliations

SS2017Internship at Fujitsu Laboratories
WS2016Master's thesis at the Chair for Logic and Verification (I21)
WS2015Student assistant at I8
SS2014Bachelor's thesis at I8
WS2013-SS2014Student assistant at the Chair for Database Systems (I3)
WS2012-SS2013Student assistant at the Chair for Networks and Distributed Systems (I8)


Dracena: A Real-Time IoT Service Platform Based on Flexible Composition of Data Streams
Yamaoka, H., et. al
IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration
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I love the simplicity and expressiveness of functional programming and the confidence of formal proof, thus I like doing things in Isabelle/HOL.

Recently, I've also developed a bit of an interest in tinkering with electronics. The wonkier, the more it helps me relax as I build.

To balance that out, I learn Japanese and take longer trips by bike or on foot.

I maintain some sort of blog where I record activities.


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Cornelius Diekmann
Intel NUC with 3 custom antennasStephan Günther


My GitHub account
OpenClonk, a game I love to procrastinate working on.